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Barry is a Texas born native from Arlington. He has been actively pursuing predators for over 30 years. As a teenage boy, Barry and his friends would frequently pursue coyotes at night, calling them into the gun.  Predator calling eventually led to a passion for trapping. With almost 15 years of trapping experience, trapping has become a deep study into the inner makings of predators; Barry understands what makes them tick, what triggers a response, and the fine art of fooling a predator to step in the magic 2” circle, tripping the trap.


Some of Barry's other milestones include working as a professional guide in the rugged mountains of western Montana, guiding clients to trophy bull elk, mule deer, and mountain lions.

He has also logged over 20 years working on boats and barges on the Mississippi River. For the past 10 years, he has held a U.S.C.G. Masters of Towing Vessels Captains License. Piloting heavy tonnage down the Mississippi River is a very challenging and highly skilled task, and Barry is oftentimes entrusted with peoples' lives and millions of dollars of freight and equipment.
Barry and his Army officer wife along with two small children are currently residing in San Antonio Texas. Barry has a lot of old-fashioned values trusting in God, family, honesty and a driving work ethic.

"My promise to you, the landowner, is to always treat your property with the utmost respect. I will remove unwanted predators on your property while doing my part to leave your ranch and the wildlife in better shape than I found it."


Goe Family


"Haven’t had a kid with me yet that wasn’t enthusiastic about trapping." - B. Goe

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