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Exclusive Predator Control for Ranches

Hello and Welcome to

Owned/Operated by Barry Goe, trapping professionally for nearly 15 yrs.

Exclusive Predator Control for Ranch Land Owners.

Specializing in Coyote, Bobcat, Racoon, Skunk and Possum removal.

Protecting your Deer, Turkey and Quail Populations.

My promise is to always be respectful to you, your land and wildlife while removing unwanted predators from your property.

* Note: We are not a pest control service*

Based out of
San Antonio, Texas
Please call for
a quote
Licensed Professional

After food plots, supplemental feeding, genetic enhancement programs, water improvements, disking, mowing, spraying, and habitat enhancement, are you still not seeing the game you think you should?




Trapping is oftentimes the missing link to a land owner's wildlife management strategies.

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